Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'm too afraid to fall again

Few days back, I’ve learned that few things that I’m unable to take control on it. It wasn’t a very difficult task, but it just a simple dimple thingy about life and people around you. Might be I’m just to rush and was unable to understand the meaning of WAITING. Was it a fact of life that be safe and go slow? Was it worth to spend your time to wait for someone that might not realize the purest of your heart?

I’m not blaming anyone or myself. I’m just frustrated. I just feel so wrong to met and be in the society that I love the most. Being a newbies, trying to make everyone happy but to realized that everyone are not confortable with me. It’s just like humiliating myself without realizing it. Soon after I know that I’m wrongly take the wrong path again, it was just to late. People already have the second tought, but not as I wish it to be.

I ask myself but I couldn’t get the answer that satisfied me. It just so not right. What would you feel when suddenly you’ve realized that you put your heart and hope to someone that couldn’t make it come true?

I am too afraid to fall again. I’m too scared to cry again. I realized being lonely wasn’t the things that I wish for but is it a mistakes to be a person full with hope? I know that people will say that don’t be so high in the sky because nothing can be describe like the pain when you’re falling down. Do not put your hope, don’t just wait and be like a statue on the side of the road, being admired but in the end you’re just all alone. But why actually people have to depend on each other if in the end we’re all alone?

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