Monday, September 28, 2009

Was it to late?

With all the fun that come around us every single seconds, sometimes we did forget that we just only a human being that live in this round of time. We did live our life to the fullest and so on we have to admit that sometimes we will have to cry. Isn't that a sin to say that I will never cry and I can face my fate and accept my destiny with a smile on my lips? CAN YOU?

The story that I want to tell is wasn't about me, it just about my very good friend that enjoying his life so much until he forgot that time will get him back. It's like the final destination movie which is the fate is haunting you forever. Is that correct?

I do not blaming my friend for what have happened but I'm totally disappointed with him. For sure, I as a friend remind him every single time of what he should do and don't in work related issue. But, I'm being ignored. The result is happened to be is when his superior come and met me to give the termination letter. What the hell that I've been involved in this matter? I'm totally out of topic. I dare to say that I'm doing fine in my work but just because I'm close to you, I'm not supposed to be involve in.

No offense but I'm totally embarrassed.

I questioned my self, which part of the things that I've done is wrong? Which part of this story is inaccurate? Did the fate changed or it was just following the path of destiny?

And I'm unable to answer a single thing of that question.

I'm so blank until I decided to drive alone around MRR2 and thinking, are you a GOOD FRIEND? Just tell me. I dare to know.

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