Monday, October 12, 2009

Dealing With Destiny

LIFE is a words that full of unexpected things to happen. It totally makes me scared. Why? For some reason, I afraid that I wasn't able to accept the fact of life that I'm hurt with the fate of destiny. Without or with my realization, the tears fall from my eyes, just because of the fact that I'm unable to accept.

I admit that I'll cry sometimes. Being alone around the society which I wasn't really familiar, it just a very tough thing for me. Today I'm standing beside this person and tomorrow I realize that I'll be walking with another person. It just keep on changing until I realize that I'm running to catch the step the person I want to be.

It wasn't really easy.

People do mistakes. Did they learn something from it? Or did they just ignored it? Ask yourself either you appreciate the person you love or you just being someone that doing the routine of life? Wake up, go to work, hanging around, eat and drink, went to sleep and start all over again? Isn't that too normal? Isn't the society said that being normal is boring? Isn't that being different considered to be WEIRD?

Sometimes I don't really understand what the society really want. Should I keep my mouth shut or should I scream for them to realize my existance? Should I tell them how was I really-really feel inside my heart? Didn't they realize that I'm hurt with all of they decisions?

Did you say you love that person today?

P/S : Picture taken on Sham suprise birthday party. Sorry for the picture quality.

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