Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Forgotten Promises

Few things happened lately on my busy day to catch of this fast growing society. I just slow me that much until I think that I was to far behind. Believe me, at the moment of my interview session, I commonly said that I'll be able to furnished my self with a minimum supervision. Honestly, I've lied. It was just my attention to get the assignment.

I always want attention of the society. I do assume that I'm being ignored and left alone at the corner of that empty room. I'm so scared. I want my life to be full of joy and happiness. Will I get that? Will I achieve everything that always be on my dream?

Keep on thinking that I make my self a foolish guy.

I still remember when I was on the top side of the wheel. I was on the track that I've always dream of when it was suddenly ripped of from me. It was so hurt but luckily I managed to catch up. It was just not that easy. I felt like I'm learning to walk again.

I keep on saying that I managed to recover but to be honest I wasn't. I've disappointed everyone. I just knew it. My score card effected, dropping from the great rating to below expectation. It was just not me. I still need that help and I don't think I've recover that much.


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