Monday, October 05, 2009

The Theory Of My Life

Few issue raised up lately. First is MONEY, second is contract renewal. Third is friendship, are you a best friend of mine or what so ever and many other things. Somehow, I become a bit 'perasan' that people like me, want to hangout with me and to let me live my life around happily without any jealousy or 'back-talk'.

FACT : This is the life my dear, the things is damn normal.

So, I did assume that I've forget the first rule of life. Which is 'Mouth can't never be SHUT off'. My God, why everything that I've told you and I've mark as SECRET, and a big secret is spread out like it was a very hot story of the day? Damn I hate you so much! But, thank you for the bad popularity.

Anyhow, did I mention about being so bitch? I didn't, rite?

It might be you, and so you, but please don't make it to CLEAR for others to view. It's just a simple rule of life. Cute = Nice, Bitch = FUCKER!! I've forgive you (Damn I'm so perasan this time), but I'll never forget.

Fact #2 : I've new Guardian Angel.

Is that EVEN a fact?

For the first time ever, when I ask a person of this 'do you really know me?', I got the direct answer 'YES'. I asked again 'are you sure?', and a direct answer of yes given again. It was just might be a simple answer to a stupid question, but when the question is asked is serious, the simple yes become my strength for a simple friendship. To be honest, I'm so proud. No body ever give a direct YES to that question, haha. At least I know there's a person who willing to learn about ME. Hehe.

Fact #3 : Close your ears

So, life is just a simple breathe taking journey. Expect the unexpected, live life to the fullest and sky's is the limit. Somehow, I was wondering of how far can I go with you? How sad I am in a situation of you taking that path and I'm taking mine and everything. Each of you played your part in this life and each of your part impacted my life so much. YES, I love you. I admit that sometimes I might be crossing the line too much, but, everybody crossed the limit right? So, it just become the topic of the day before everyone forget about it when the new HOT things spread out.

Look at the picture below, am I so innocent?

P/S : Picture is damn nice, but my pose is so damn embarrassing. Special 'Thank You' for the photographer, Mr Mustaza.

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